May 6

So I bought my plane ticket! It’s really happening. I’m finalizing my letter to send out to family/friends and let them know what I am doing. In the letter I said if people want to support me financially, they may do so here

If you want to  DONATE  <– click there

donatedonate 2

Make sure to put my name in the the special instructions part after you enter your billing info. If you want to do recurring donations you select it on the second page too.

So you know what my expenses will be like:

  • Plane ticket one way: $597
  • Food, Housing, & Water $60/ month or $360 total
  • Transportation (this is a guess)  $20/month or $120 total
  • Insurance (figuring this one out)

If you’ve lived abroad before and know of other expenses I’m missing, please let me know!



April 5th

In September I will be moving to Peru (yes, I had to resign as a teacher). It has always been a dream of mine to live and teach abroad, but never did I think it would happen in this way. In 2010 I spent the fall semester studying abroad in Lima, Peru. I loved the university, my host family, the culture, the food, the language, and of-course salsa dancing. I promised my friends that I would come back, and on a whim I DID two years later. My friend mentioned he was going on a mission trip the summer of 2013 to Trujillo where he would help with an organization that supported and mentored young men and women who are in extreme poverty and many who are transitioning out of orphan care.  I bought my plane ticket in March and flew out to Peru early June. The rest of the story is much more exciting if I tell you in person, but let’s just say I knew I had made the right choice.


This September I will move to Peru and volunteer with the organization Corazón de Esperanza  While I volunteer September to March I will help with mentoring the community youth on Monday nights, fill in as house mom on the house mom’s day off, and be in charge of the Mujeres Virtuosas women and children’s program. This program is amazing in that we teach the women of a tiny village (that you can only reach by golf cart or walking) how to crochet things from which they can make a profit. With the craft classes I will also lead the women in a bible study and plan a class for their children. In my experiences last summer I was astonished by the lack of resources in these communities. It boggles my mind to think of all the needs we take for granted. I hope that God can work through me in a great way so that I can truly make a difference in peoples’ lives.

705264_1946895070715_1151261721_o 964123_1946741466875_747970100_o 976110_1946802068390_1311399955_o              After volunteering for six months I hope to snag a math (or English) teaching job at one of the international schools in Trujillo (so I can continue volunteering with Corazón de Esperanza) but may also look into international schools in Lima… OR who knows what’ll happen next! Also, if you want to support the work I’m doing feel free to donate money or prayers. Money can be donated here how to donate (note: Write my name in the memo) and prayer- well you know- you the big guy up there.



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