Hello Again

Hello friends! It’s been quite the month, or should I say months. Lot’s has been going on here first we had Maribel’s graduation in August- where I finally got to make my hanging balloon globe things since I was in charge of decorations. I was also asked to make the scrapbook for Maribel’s graduation gift. She’s now working at a restaurant and visits the house frequently.

IMG_0047  IMG_0009 IMG_0070IMG_5064

A week later Jan’s parents came to visit. They were really fun to have around!


While they were here we had our first Friday in our new location in el Cerrito with the women. This new location was a project Christ Community Church worked on and painted and it turned out great! The women are very happy with the new space especially the bathroom!

We’ve been working on making scarves and slouchy hats and the women have started cooking on Sundays. Olinda, Esperanza’s sister also had her baby girl. Her name is Liceth.

IMG_20150904_154321_463 IMG_20150904_161722_065 IMG_20150904_164031_294 IMG_0010

In Luz de Vida we’ve been having all kinds of activities and events with the youth. The first was a retreat with the just the girls in the house where we played games and learned about understanding differences and conflict resolution.


Then, the whole month of September has been dedicated to “Talents and Youth.” We had two youth nights of talent shows- where Jan and I did a “untalent” and sang and danced to Mahnamahna. Luckily no one took pictures. The last night of the month we announced the results of the talent show and Luz won with her embroidery. We played games and got all dressed up 🙂

IMG_0016 IMG_0058 IMG_0066 IMG_0067

I have other exciting news! We had out first meeting in Alto Trujillo where we will be starting another women’s project teaching them cooking, knitting, embroidery, and jewelry making. We didn’t expect many to come and went and knocked on doors for about a half an hour to invite people and were shocked that we had about 12 women come to the meeting! Luckily all of them had knitting experience and were excited to learn more and be apart of the group. Currently we’re meeting in Sisy’s house and are partnering with another baby church. We hope to help the church reach out new families in the community.


I’ve also had a lot of events in my school. We had two festivals; one was the festival on Creationism (Christian school) and the more recent one was this week where we celebrated the 20th anniversary of my school. Miss Abi, the first grade teacher, and I hosted a hula hoop contest. 🙂

11933482_945796872149070_70617108339737363_n 12038176_1043420362355122_161122665965113002_n

Well that’s all until next time. Love ya!

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