A Sad Hasta Luego

She might kill me for posting this picture of her, but then again, maybe she shouldn’t have stolen my ipad and left this gem on it. Sadly, this week I had to say goodbye to Breanna, my partner in crime,  “running” buddy, roommate, and friend. We shared so many great memories in the six months. Although she may not look angelic (hehe) she really was a blessing to me and the people she was around. In her wake, I see all the relationships she made with her kids in El Cerrito, friends at church, the girls in the house, and even a neighbor lady and security guard. She is a very special person and is deeply missed.


Okay, that’s enough of the sentimental stuff- in the last month we had two wonderful visitors. Liz Jacobs who happens to be a friend of my mom’s and Brylee Beggs (Brea’s sister) came to visit us for a week. While they were here we helped out at an orphanage, cleaned, and celebrated two birthday parties.


Luz turned 20 on July 16th and Eyni actually turns 18 today (July 26) but celebrated her birthday early so Breanna could be there. Somehow I was designated entertainment planner and worked with Dhaly to think up games/ activities for both parties. For Luz we played Fish Bowl (a mix of catch phrase, charades, and more) and then “HeadsUp”. It was a hit. If I didn’t think I’d get fired from my volunteer job I would post a picture of our director Liz prancing around like a horse trying to get us to guess the word. For Eyni’s party we went head to head in group karaoke. Well I didn’t. I was the DJ. This might have been one of my favorite nights- the groups were great with their choreographed dances and rock star voices.

10668952_1020596994619928_4269253229002812074_o  IMG_0070

On a different topic, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned my new church before. I’ve been attending Más Vida for the last couple of months. Last Sunday I taught Sunday school and it was so much fun! We also invited Jensen and Caleb and the Pastor’s wife to youth group at our house to sing. (Picture on the left below). Jensen and Caleb are responsible for introducing us to Peruvian sushi. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forgive them. Darn it, now I got myself thinking about sushi! In the picture on the right is a new friend- Whitney! She was a volunteer at Hogar de Esperanza and is a teacher in the states. We had the chance to get coffee and chat which was really nice.


Last month we received a HUGE donation of yarn from friends in the states. This was a tremendous help and is allowing us to continue knitting while we continue our cooking project. In the picture below we are preparing tamales. On other days we’ve made papa rellena  (stuffed potato?), cookies, picarones (sweet potato donuts), and chiclayo (a dessert made with squash). We’re currently in the process of doing all the paperwork to make Hilos an official business. We could really use prayers in this area that the process would be speedy and without catches.

11218766_1004007969612164_880393602594651639_n 11700987_1004004616279166_4625343373482216749_o

Hooray! I have two weeks of vacation off school because we just ended the first semester. But at the same time we have a group coming on Tuesday, so it won’t be much of a “break” persay. All the same, I’m looking forward to the group and some downtime from school. It’s interesting, for their independence day “Fiestas Patrias” every grade practiced and preformed a traditional dance. Below are my 1st graders (I know, they’re too stinkin cute) in their outfits as well as a picture of me and the 1st grade teacher with Braulio. He wasn’t happy because he didn’t dress out and couldn’t participate. I guess I wasn’t very nice taking a picture… but oh well.

unnamed unnamed (2)

Lastly, I wanted to share a few pictures from Jan, Brea, and my trip to Huaraz. The short version of the story is that we (yes you too Brea) are below novice hikers and attempted some pretty tough hikes- one up to our hostal, and two up to lagoons. We met some pretty cool people along the way (one lady gave us a Hershey bar when we said we were going to give up because we were out of food) as well as some med students from Trujillo and some French guys- oh and Jan met a cow. It was really cold and really beautiful in Huaraz. The trip served as our last hurrah and was definitely a growth experience.

IMG_0458 DSC01850 IMG_0502 IMG_0571IMG_0554  unnamed (1)  IMG_0547

Lastly, I have some big news: I will be coming back to the States in December. God has showed me a lot of things about myself and how he uses his people. I plan to start looking for teaching jobs around September/November and to continue selling our womens’ products in some capacity. Only God knows what is in store, but I am pretty sure missionary training or mission work is in my future. Love you all! Sorry for the long post 🙂

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