A visit home and back

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Hello friends! So at the beginning of this month I took a ten day trip back to the states for my friend Stephanie’s wedding

groupI spent a few hours in Austin, then two days in Nashville with my mom, two days in Marion with my dad and then three days in Lawrence for the wedding, then a day in Miami when I missed my morning flight- which is a long story I won’t go into here. Since then we had two groups visit- Peru Crew 2015 with Robyn and WRCC who visited us for youth group.

It’s also been a busymonth at school. Of-course my high schoolers didn’t do what they were supposed to while I was gone, but atIMG_20150630_084050_612 least they sort-of practiced their skits. With the first graders I sang a song (Open the Eyes of my Heart) in English with them (I’ll try to get pictures later) for a kids Prayer Marathon. They were so stinking cute. These kids have stolen a piece of my heart. I also went on a field trip with them (just to accompany and help out) to visit the historical center of the city. They were terrors and we got kicked out of a museum. I was put on duty of guarding this one- who thought it was a game to try and escape from me. (He’s a twerp… but still stinking cute). I really enjoy teaching here- although it took me until second semester to find out we have a projector I can use for high school!!! It’s going to totally change the way I teach. (I DID ask them what technology we have- they told me there was just a video room that doesn’t even have desks).

IMG_20150630_102257_259 (1)IMG_20150630_091122_966

With the women right now we are cooking while we prep for another round of knitting! I am soooo excited because the last group donated a bunch of yarn and the women acookingre going to be so excited. Last week I brought a chocolate oatmeal cookie recipe to try and it didn’t go well. What we’ve been doing is making them and then selling in the surrounding area. First, we couldn’t find baking soda and second, I guess only kids eat cookies- weird. This   week we’re making tamales. Hopefully those will go better.

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