Parties and Fun!

Hello my friends. So the adventures continue.  Before I begin, I should probably tell you that Breanna and I are sitting in Starbucks with a sign saying “Albino Peruvians in their natural habitat” hanging on the glass window. People’s faces are priceless.  We came here in an attempt to get some personal work done as I prepare for my trip back to the States. I am SO EXCITED, but also sad because I know the time is going to fly and I won’t get to see everyone- but try I will!


So this last month Alex Nebel came to visit. He is Breanna’s boyfriend and also Jacob (my brother)’s freshman roommate. It was great to see a familiar face, and be around someone with childish sarcasm. But more importantly, it was great to see Breanna so happy.

We’re also starting and ending knitting with the women this month in el Cerrito de la Virgin. We’ve made headbands and hats and are preparing to start selling appetizers/ snacks/ desserts to the neighbors. This idea came from the women themselves; as much as they love knitting, they love cooking more. Also, Yovana had her baby! I was there when Nancy told her she was getting fat and she revealed she was pregnant to the group. After waiting so long, Eric is finally here! I have also become really fond of Marjorie, who is Liz’s baby. (She is a newer member of the group).

11162058_974278215918473_8615404080939918840_o unnamed

(LEFT PICTURE: Yovana, the mother is the one in the green tank top. Her mother is on the far left and her sister-in-law is to her immediate left. This is here baby shower that we threw two days before she gave birth. RIGHT PICTURE: If only this picture had sound. As soon as Jan took the picture little Eric let one loose. His big brother Carlos is really excited to have a little brother.)



(LEFT PICTURE: Marjorie wearing our new knitted headband. RIGHT PICTURE: Myself and Santos modeling the another new headband. I don’t think purple is my color)

It seems that may is the month of non-stop birthdays and parties. We celebrated the psychologist Patty’s, Jessica’s, and will soon celebrate the director Liz’s birthday along with Mother’s day in this month. Although I have many Peruvian mothers here, it was difficult to celebrate Mother’s day without seeing my real moms.

unnamed (1)

Mother’s Day Luz de Vida


A couple of other notable experiences I’ve had this month would be going to the water park with the girls of the house. We played games (where my team won), ate papa rellena, and walked around. Also for youth group we had a family visit and talk to us about forming families and what to look for in a future spouse. Although it seems like every talk I hear lately is on this same topic, the pastor did an excellent job and sparked a lot of discussion in the house. It is truly amazing to see how the girls are learning and growing. Lastly, in our most recent trip to Lima Breanna and I went to La Cuidad church again and were recommended the church Más Vida here in Trujillo. I’ve been attending it for the last three weekends and have been really enjoying it. However I’m trying not to be hasty and jump churches before I’m sure.


Lima Trip


Water Fountain Park (in Trujillo)


Visiting Family Speakers at youth group

It’s been kind of a rough month in regards to decision making, managing finances, and balancing work, Hilos, volunteers, and house responsibilities. If anyone is out there reading theses please pray that God would guide my decisions for the future, that he would give us wisdom in making Hilos into an official business, and that the girls would continue meeting their goals (especially that Maribel would find a job and that Jessica’s reading comprehension would improve- by the way, I’m helping her work on that and I absolutely love it). Please pray for the other volunteers; that through Brea’s teaching the kids can learn more about God and that Jan would be given more and more opportunities to get to know the staff and other Peruvians. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. Love ya all!

PS: Don’t judge my picture placement too much, I just figured out you can put the picture next to text, but haven’t quite mastered it yet… Maybe next post, whenever that happens. 🙂

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