Mariachi, stungun/flashlights, and doors

Time seems to be flying by now days. Pretty soon I’ll be back in the states to visit in June! I can’t wait. So, I think I left off at Easter.

This was my first Easter in Peru, and let me tell you it made me feel bad about how we celebrate Easter in the states. Here in Peru you will not see the Easter Bunny or large quantities of candy but instead movies about Jesus in the public movie theaters. Also, churches send out commissions (mini mission trips) to encourage small churches and to share the gospel in less-reached areas. The also have usually go on a Paseo- which I translate as  “day trip”. That’s what we did with the girls. Dhaly and Brea went to visit Chiclayo so Jan and I took Eyni, Jessica, Maribel and Esthefany to a sort of camp complex where they had a pool, field, picnic tables, etc. We had a really great time.

DSC01575 DSC01583

Also, the first 15 days of April, Dhaly was on vacation so Nancy our spiritual counselor stayed with us as the coach. She has two girls 8 and 17 years old. They all practically lived in the house and it was great! It was so nice to have a mom and little sisters for a while. Visitors always are so much fun. We also had what we called “Happy Day” lunch where we had combinado- which is basically spagetti (or noodles) and ceviche with the words- yucca, sweet potatoes, and choclo (corn). It was a delicious lunch! (Picture below).


Also, a project I’ve been working on is teaching Jessica to sew new things. Luckily she already knows a lot about sewing or else we’d be in trouble because I am a self-taught craft sewer (okay, 4-H and middle school classes helped me learn too)- but I’m no expert. But check out the bags she made! She’s now selling them too to make a little bit of side money while she studies. So proud of her.


The women’s project is going well. We’re teaching knitting now- starting with headbands and scrunchies. Also- I’m so proud of Breanna- she has taken on the kids class all by herself. Imagine teaching 15-25 kids of various ages in your second language. This crazy girl does it every Friday. Prays for her and her students would be appreciated as she continues teaching them about the bible.

IMG_0033 IMG_0030 IMG_0010

This is Santos’ dog (one of the ladies in El Cerrito invited us over for a little bit). Isn’t he cute? I think I’m going to get a dog. I need the protection. Thoughts? Just kidding. I don’t need extra protection; my mom sent me a stun gun flashlight thing in my birthday present. (Not kidding). I quote “You can drop someone for 10 seconds with it”.

Prepare yourself for the next picture…. Gringa mariachi! Betsy, one of the sweetest, kind-hearted people I know- who’s also trying to set me up with her cousin- let’s see her try…. had ONE wish for her birthday- Mariachi. (I hope my students never find my blog because I’m making all the errors I tell them not to do). So Jan, Brea, and I did our best. We sang and danced like fools to La cucaracha. It was pathetic, but Betsy loved it! Mission accomplished.


Lastly, I want to share my unsure thoughts on the future. I love teaching. I love working with the women. I love spending time with the girls. I don’t so much love the business side of the women’s project. I feel like I’m not very good at it. I shared my feelings with my bosses (Peruvian and Stateside) and they think I’m doing fine. But I just wish we had more sales, and that I wouldn’t make things so difficult or complicated. I think God is trying to teach me how to trust him more. Right now I really can’t see the next big steps, but I guess that’s not that important right now. Let me see if I can express my thoughts a little better (however this might just come out a big mess). I just finished the book Radical with Jan and Brea. One of the biggest takeaways I had from reading it is that being “extraordinary” doesn’t mean doing something BIG, but that the extraordinary can be found faithfulness to the small things. Consistently giving time to a certain cause, being true to a small set of principles, essentially simplifying life so as to not get caught up in it all. I mean, what is this life all about? Perhaps we all have different answers to this question, but I think I’ve found my answer: My life is about trying to glorify God in all I do. I am not perfect- ooooh I’ve made a ton of mistakes and will probably continue making them. But this is a desire I feel very strongly about. Hopefully it will become very clear what my “next steps” should be,  but if not, please pray that God would open doors in the right direction.

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