Birthdays are great!

Hello people I miss dearly.

So, it’s an unknown fact that my birthday is meant to be celebrated for two whole weeks (one before and one after). Fortunately, the Peruvians were up for it and we celebrated my birthday with the women in el cerrito last Friday. They met early and made my favorite meal! Tallerines Verdes! With potatoes and fried fish. It was delicious. The very best part though was that none of us got sick! I really can’t express how big of a blessing it is to work with these women. They make me laugh, tell me not to stress, show grace when I make mistakes, work hard to improve, listen attentively to the gospel; honestly they give back more than they receive. Eulogia, after my birthday gave me a present. She handed it to me a little embarrassed, as if she was ashamed because it wasn’t very much. It was a little bracelet that spoke volumes about her character, love, and kindness.

10553672_946946471984981_6908903149338143711_o 10257899_946946418651653_6574957960515791330_o 10863934_946946435318318_2298046977791218865_oIMG_0044 (3)

More birthday celebrations! Nancy, our spiritual counselor also celebrated a birthday this Friday, and we threw her a surprise breakfast birthday party. Well, sort of a surprise…. she had to wait outside 10ish minutes while we finished getting the decorations ready. Hehe.

1782518_948740288472266_5634834872751485210_o 10854992_948740345138927_5856743936270803500_o

Introducing the greatest thing since sliced cheese……. (drum roll)….. Hilos House Parties!! We hosted our first house party this weekend inviting close friends and people from my church. It was an experiment to see how many people would come, what things we would inevitably forget, etc. We learned that it might be better to go to the people instead of inviting them to the house. Luckily though the event we were invited to a few women’s bible studies and churches. Woo Hoo. My favorite part was seeing ALL the jewelry our ladies have been able to make. It looked so pretty laying out on the tables. A HUGE thanks to Brea and Jan for working on their day off to make this event happen. (Here’s the before picture)


So, we have a dream, or maybe more so it’s a mission/ calling to start our women’s project in another site, specifically Alto Trujillo. Please pray that if this really is God’s will that he will make it clear and provide the funds, and if it’s not… well, that we won’t be super disappointed.

Also, I would ask for prayers for the families of those involved in the bus crash last week. (A charter bus full of families of Christians on their way to serve in Lima got into an accident and more than 50 people were killed).

That’s a really sad note to end on, but I must go plan for this week. Although I’m really excited that I have Thursday and Friday off of school!!

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