Three weeks in one!

There are so many new things to tell you about that I have been putting off writing because it’s overwhelming. Please forgive me if I am not chronological and if I make no sense. So first off, I got sick with the- well you know when you eat something and it doesn’t sit well in your stomach. Luckily I was only sick for a few days and now I am all better. It might have been from when we made ceviche- which is fish that is cooked only with the acid from lime juice. We made it in el Cerrito with the hilos women. It was such a fun day! I helped cut onions, make cancha (cooked corn kernals) and oversaw the making of crema de la huancaina. It was a highlight for the week.

IMG_0528 IMG_0547 IMG_0537

We also went to an orphanage and worked with the girls there on a three day health, fitness, and nutrition workshop. Hayley, Adrienne, and I designed the class and included exercises, snack, songs, games, and crafts about the functions, locations, and care of different parts of the body. The girls really were fun to get to know. It was funny; they got rowdier each day as they got to know us better so I got to use my teacher skills. However, it’s hard managing a bunch of girls speaking another language! Luckily Liz lent us a member of the team each day we were there- Anita went on Monday, Paty on Tuesday, and Dhaly on Thursday. They were a huge help.


Last week Adrienne and Hayley gave a talk to the women on nutrition and exercise and I tried to modify it for our Monday night youth group. It was interesting… luckily I didn’t have to fill much time because I probably should have prepared better for my first talk. Youth group was Monday night and then Hayley and Adrienne left early Tuesday morning. It was sad to see them go. The house is not the same without them. They really were a lot of fun. I miss the guitar music and my running buddies, although I think I failed them in the last week because I didn’t really run much. Fail.


Also, since I last wrote I have struggled with technology big time. First I accidently plugged the wrong end of a USB cable into my computer and it shut the whole thing down. My computer would not start for an entire evening. How did I survive you may ask… well let me tell you it was a life changing experience (joke). Luckily the house has other computers and God the next day it started up like nothing had happened. More detrimental was that I lost my cell phone (my cheap Peruvian one) this Saturday. I think it fell out of my pocket while I was riding in the moto up to el Cerrito for our second crochet class. I also left the professional camera in el Cerrito and had to take a 30 minute taxi to go retrieve it on Monday because although our classroom is locked I would be in big trouble if anything happened to it. I know am forgetting something else, but I also broke two lids to two different large pots in one day. I dropped one and it shattered all over the floor and the handle broke off the other. Not a good day.

More about my women’s ministry: the classes really are a lot of fun. But it seriously takes me at least 3 times, if not 5 times as long to do things as the other women. Although I am slow, I am enjoying learning. It was really great to see how content the women were working on the hats we’re making. They really do like to crochet. If only I could figure out how the whole business side and design aspect of things works. I know this is nonsensical, but I worried myself into a headache today overthinking at I needed to do to make progress on our Hilos program. It’s really hard for me to remember that God has or will give me the tools I need to accomplish the task he has in mind for the program. I am struggling though with being patient and content in the meantime. Today however, I went with Maria and Yovana to buy yarn. It was really funny because the guy would not put all the color of yarn out. We would ask for more colors and he would say he didn’t have them and then ten minutes later he would hand it over. Just silliness.

(The hat I have on is what we are currently making)

IMG_0086 IMG_0079

So lastly, last night I helped our director lead/ put together a personal finance/ budgeting workshop. It is part one of three. When we sat down to plan we realized we did the exact same thing to manage our money- basically Dave Ramsey money envelopes and zero balance budget. I was really impressed with our director because she came up with that method herself without having learned it from the US. Smart lady! I am excited to see how the youth respond to what we’re teaching them and if they actually do it.

IMG_0121 IMG_0117

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