Weird things Peruvians do

Too many funny things have happened this week to go unmentioned (and also I still haven’t had time to write out a long post about what I’ve been up) so here is a list of “weird” things about Perú.” This is just the start 🙂 Also, it would be so much better with pictures but I don’t’ have time- bug me about it and I’ll try and add them later.

  • People use ovens to store random things. For example, today I opened up my oven and there were Styrofoam cups and a Styrofoam serving platter. Another time the girls had stored frying pans in their oven. My Peruvian mother in Lima would store pots and pans in hers as well. So I’ve learned to check the ovens before turning them on.
  • We sweep and mop outside here; the patios and the garage. It’s like an everyday chore. I just don’t understand why we have to clean outside. It’s just going to get dirty again tomorrow!
  • The washing machine plays songs if you leave your clothes in it for a long time after it finishes washing them. It plays little joyful jigs kinda like a bell tower does on the top of every hour. Except it’s a washing machine…
  • We can only take the trash out between 7-10pm; but then they pick it up every day. Wouldn’t it be easier to pick it up a certain day but any hour you want?? It just irritates me and exacerbates my fear of the dark.
  • Dogs wear clothes here. Like all dogs sport their little shirts or dresses, big dogs, little dogs, homeless dogs- all of them. I’ve been told it’s because we’re still in “winter” and it’s so they won’t be cold.
  • There are random holes in the sidewalk practically everywhere. What are they for? No idea. Must be pretty important if you have to risk twisting your ankle every few feet.
  • The smallest bill is a S/10 (reads 10 soles). Therefore change can add up to a lot more. Most people carry around a small coin purse; including many men.
  • Unfortunately people tell you you’ve gained weight to your face. Like it’s a casual thing “Oh, I’ve noticed you’ve gained wait, how interesting” “Oh look! You’re getting a belly” “Oh yeah… you need to work on your abs.” It’s becoming less of a shock…. or at least I try to look at it as more of an encouragement to continue dieting and working out.
  • It’s customary to apologize for being on time. And on-time means on-time, not early. Early is not accepted.

I love my new home.

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