I can’t believe it’s been a whole month!

Hello pueblo. Whoo this week was a doozy, but I survived. The month of October is a month of transition for me. First off, I am no longer the only American volunteer here (yay!). Hayley and Adrienne Ross are here for three weeks! They got here last Friday and have settled right in.


This Monday we went to a children’s home (for kids who have been removed from their homes and families by the state) to play with the kids, give medical checks, and get a feel for what the kids need since they will be working with another home extensively next week. Hayley is a pediatrician and Adrienne works camps for kids with special needs but also majored in exercise science and is in hot demand here! Everyone wants to know what exercises to do. Perhaps it’s because summer is around the corner…  Adrienne is going to give a few health and exercise classes with the team and girls in our youth group. I personally can’t wait! I also now have friends to run with me in the park! (Dhaly included) I’m doing my best to show them around, but really need to read up on Trujillo stats and history.

IMG_0067 IMG_0069 IMG_0071

Last night we had their ‘Welcome Night.’ I am kinda in charge of picking and leading (haha) praise songs. This week went significantly better than last… however, we couldn’t really hear the music and were a few seconds ahead of the beat on one song. But no one wants to hear about that. Instead, let me tell you about my banana cake… cakes. So I am also in charge of refreshments, and have a budget I have to keep. I don’t know why this stresses me out so much, but the budget part/ making sure there is enough food for everyone is stressful! I think as I get used to the prices of foods it will be better. Anyway, last night I decided to make banana cake with a crunchy topping. After making the batter it seriously looked like the cake would turn out 1cm tall. So I doubled the recipe. Everything is in stinking meters and gram.  (You’re probably thinking- how great! An application for your math degree… well I would prefer less practical applications). If it wasn’t for my friend Ali, Adrienne, and Hayley I wouldn’t have finished the cake in time. However, it all turned out great and instead of one cake we had two! Oops. And although everyone liked it, I’m now realizing what Dhaly meant when she said you have to be careful you don’t make anything too amazing or they will always expect greatness. (She may have used different words). But I do want to give another BIG thank you to ALI, everything I was supposed to do for the party would have been a big fail without her.

IMG_0092 IMG_0085 IMG_0083 IMG_0078

Also this weekend was my first weekend as the girls’ coach. We had some interesting moments, but no one died so I consider it a success.  For lunch on Saturday Maribel made fried chicken and a noodle/ veggie dish. Minutes before we were supposed to eat she was chopping at frozen chicken with a knife. We had both forgotten to defrost it. I really should have been helping her more; but I feel like it’s the blind leading the less blind. I really wish I could just skip over this whole ‘make mistakes’ part of the learning process, but that’s life. At least five people have told me this week to ‘relax,’ I guess I look tense and stressed out. It really is interesting all the phases I have gone through mentally/ emotionally while here. That’s a topic for another post though.

We’ve made a little bit of progress with my women’s program and have found a teacher who can come and teach the women how to crochet and knit on Saturdays. We will have the bible study part and a review part on Fridays. Furthermore, we are still going to look into making a business out of the project, but are trusting in God (big time) to show us the direction of the mission/ project. I’m very excited to see where it goes!

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