I can’t believe I’ve only been in Trujillo for two weeks; seems like I’ve been here for months.  So much has happened since I wrote last. Where to start… So Thursday Dhaly and I spend the afternoon baking cookies (oatmeal with cocoa powder) for the kids’ snack on Friday. It’s interesting; the bags of flour they use are half the size of the bags we usually buy. Also, the baking powder was in a little package (not a container). In the next month I will take over making snacks and drinks for our youth nights and for the kids on Fridays. I’m sure many interesting stories will come from this as I am on a budget and I haven’t cooked a single thing here without help.  (Luckily the girls, Dhaly, and my friend Ali are experts).  After making cookies Samuel, one of the guys in our youth group, came over and helped us put together a desk for Dhaly.  At one point we needed a screw to take out a wooden peg. I ran downstairs to grab one from the shed and came up to find that Samuel had removed one from the door to use! Crazy or Resourceful? I can’t decide. J That evening I went to a choir concert with Ali to hear one of her students sing. I was expecting kids choir, but the quality of singing surprised me. They were great! Afterwards we ate at Rocky’s- known for fried chicken and the McDonald’s like play area. This was when I asked the mother if her child was going to be macho or hembra- words for male and female only associated with animals. This week seems to be an extended lesson on “thinking before speaking.”

IMG_1159 IMG_1163

Fridays are always a busy day. In the morning, Dhaly and I attend a Beth Moore bible study on Esther. The best part is that we watch the videos in English! I can be somewhat helpful. This week’s talk was on Esther Chapter 5 and how she asked the king to a second banquet instead of confronting the issue. This theme of waiting and being patient (especially with words and speaking) was particularly timely. I feel like the language barrier has slowed down my habit of immediately speaking my mind, but also the culture here is different and I still haven’t really figured it out. There are lots of things I haven’t figured out. It’s been a very humbling week. This weekend I had to ask a friend how to clean my bathroom. I couldn’t really find paper towels, or cleaning supplies, and didn’t know if they do anything special. (In you are wondering- I learned that we use a towel and different cleaning supplies, also they have nice smelling stuff for when we mop the floors- otherwise cleaning is the same).  Also, it is my job to clean the laundry room which is great because I feel like I do relatively nothing cleaning wise compared to the girls in our house. However, it was my first time using the mop and I ended up spilling the bucket of water all over the floor. Dhaly made it look easy. Next time I won’t use as much water.

I also learned this week that when you lock your keys in your room, like Dhaly did, that you have to break in through a window to retrieve them. I won’t show you a picture or my mom will kill me, but I climbed down into her bathroom window from the roof. Mission Accomplished. If a teaching job doesn’t work out, I might try breaking into houses (joke). We also didn’t have electricity one morning. That means no wifi, no lights, no microwave, no coffee- well actually I learned how to light the stove with a match and also that you can make coffee on the stove too. The good part was that we also had to preserve water and couldn’t do the dishes that morning or shower. J Luckily, the electricity came back on before noon. The things I took for granted.

Friday afternoon I interviewed most of the women I will be working with on the crocheting business.  I had a little “office” (two stools outside the room we use for the women) and asked them questions about themselves etc. A lady arrived late and I tried to joke that the woman I was currently interviewing was in trouble. It didn’t work. They both were confused until I said I need to practice my jokes. That got a laugh. Overall the interviews were a little disheartening because they all seem to want different things/ have different suggestions with regard to crocheting things, but at the same time it was nice to get to know them a little better. I could really use extra prayer in this area, that the direction we take the program in would be clear.

One last bit about the weekend then I am calling it a night. Saturday Ali and I painted our nails and did yoga and Sunday I went to church. There was a special service today where we had a church-wide bible competition over the book of James. It was really fun! Then tonight Paty (our Psychologist at Luz de Vida) and Dhaly and I went to eat at Chili’s. It was nice to feel somewhat at home in an American restaurant but I was also able to ask for a glass of ice water! People here usually drink pop or juice. Also, correct me if I am wrong, but I thought it was odd and funny that the meal I chose was called Sweet and Spice Chicken. Not Sweet and Spicy Chicken. It made me laugh anyway.  In fin, I miss everyone at home a lot. Don’t hesitate to email or facebook me if you ever want to chat. Also, I’m posting more frequent and perhaps more formal things on our Corazón de Esperanza facebook page if you are interested.

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