Living in Perú

No, I am not yet living in Perú. (I Leave September 6th). However, many people have been asking where I will be living when I get there. Here are some pictures of the house I will be living in (from when I visited last summer). In case I haven’t told you the whole story about what I’ll be doing in Perú, you can find it here: I am getting very excited for the move, but have really been enjoying time with family. More posts to come 🙂


downstairs kitchen and living room


bedroom with bunkbeds


Upstairs study room currently used for supplies


This is actually a little courtyard inside the house.


Upstairs dining room used for big groups


The street outside our house. (Front yard!)


Upstairs hallway


Upstairs kitchen


Two of the girls that live in the house.


Living room with Wilma and Ali!



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One Response to Living in Perú

  1. Ali Hulsey says:

    I love this!! Have a wonderful time!! I am sorry I won’t be there to help you cut the grass with crafting scissors!

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