Why didn’t I do this after every test?!?

Why didn't I do this after every test?!?

Instead of teaching statistics only at the end of each year, next time after each test I want to do a different data display and analyze how each class compares.

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2 Responses to Why didn’t I do this after every test?!?

  1. Related: When handing back exams what should we tell our students about the distribution (from the Math Educators StackExchange)

    I really like this idea. I’ll be teaching the stats class next year, and this would be a great addition. Maybe at the end of the year, instead of looking at a particular test’s results across the students, each student looks at their own results across the tests?

  2. For once, I did something right. When I was developing an advanced program in an inner-city charter school, I had the applicants take a screening test (what would look like a special ed math test to most, testing at least two years below grade level), while explaining that the results meant less than the effort the students put in. I was given the opportunity to have the students score themselves across each of the five middle-school math strands and then sit with me one-on-one to analyze the test data. The student would then work with me after school to remediate areas that he or she wanted to fix. Everyone who participated was accepted into the program.

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