NCTM Part 1

I learned so much this week at the National Council of Teacher of Mathematics Conference in New Orleans. Three days of PD and I am on cloud 9.


  • Greg Tang- computational skills
  • Breedeen Murray- logic puzzles
  • Jo Boaler- Growth Mindset
  • Marilyn Burns- reasoning through number talks
  • Eli Luberoff- Desmos
  • Timothy Kanold- formative assessment
  • Dan Meyer- making math more like things kids like
  • Karim Ani- Mathalicious
  • Kate Nowak- Blogging (hence, I’m posting again)

Things I was encouraged to look into:

  • Drive, Daniel Pink
  • Mindset, Carol Dweck
  • Van der Waals research
  • blogs
  • desmos, mathalicious, illustrative mathematics, cpm curriculum, traditional algorithm article, Andrew Stadel
  • nikoli logic puzzles
  • Smarter than we think OR Smarter together but I don’t know the author….
  • Kim Sutton on Math facts
  • Marylin Burns- MRI (math reasoning inventory) videos and interview questions
  • UPS Girth/ weight comedian
  • Matt Vaundry: Daily Doozy
  • Bryan Meyer, Malcom Swan- math teachers
  • mathtwitterblogosphere


Get excited for my next post which will include more photo fails like this one and stellar summaries on my favorite things 🙂

photo fail


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