This week and My First Interview

-Subs are hit and miss. Mrs. McFarland was sick this week so I helped her subs get set up in the mornings. It was difficult to explain to them where everything was, so it made me realize how important it is to have a backup subplan that is easy to navigate.

– Doing activities as a class does not usually work- we did a classroom proof and although a lot of students got involved- there were still 5 or 6 just watching and not really thinking. My geometry kids learn well when you get them out of their seats to sit closer to the board or to move around- they are a very active class.

-Making videos for a flipped classroom is REALLY TIME CONSUMING. Oh my goodness. I’m glad I had this experience, but since I started flipping so late, there aren’t really any videos on the topics we’re on. Had I flipped at the beginning, I would have been able to use already-made online videos.
-Furthermore, students aren’t really watching them so we still have to go over material in class which doesn’t let me do explorations or inquiry. I think I should have started it at the beginning of the year.
-I need to create an example final product of the projects I want my kids to do before I give them directions for the project. We did a facebook project in Trig and it totally flopped because I made it too hard which I would have realized had I made a sample one myself. Oops.

We had a PD day on Monday and I learned about Kagan Structures- I realized I already use some of these in my classes. It was hard to see how to apply some of them in a math classroom especially because the PD speakers were giving elementary examples. Overall though, it was a good topic for me to learn about since I hadn’t really heard it before.

-It was extremely beneficial to have a mock interview with my principal. I learned they want to hear about the following competencies:
-build strong relationships with students, parents, and staff
-instructional strategies (Kagan, socrative, marzano, Johnson)
-assessment- how do you assess? How do you grade?
– classroom managements/ discipline plan (procedures in places, engaging curriculum, etc)
– what do you want to improve on (biggest weakness)
– why do you want to be at that school? They want to make sure you are a good fit.

Things I wish I would have known/ done:
-look into their curriculum
-know what the people you’re meeting look like
-know my current position’s statistics
-Five good words to describe myself: Passionate, caring, innovative, competent, learner (this is what I said, maybe I should revise)

Ask about:
-Class length/ hours
-Other teachers teaching the same thing as you
-Common core adaption process

So for all you waiting with bated breath- my interview at Chase Middle School went really well. I was impressed by the amount of care shown by all three admins towards each other and their school and its goals. Chase Middle is a k-8 Fine Arts Focus School located in North Topeka. The job is for a 7th grade math position where the students have already had 3 teachers in that classroom first semester- because of the teachers leaving- not because the students are bad. The school has the demographics I’m looking for and it seems like it’d be a great place to teach. I look forward to hearing back from them- hopefully I’ll get an offer. Fingers Crossed. Other options I’m looking at are teaching overseas or somewhere in the KC area.

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2 Responses to This week and My First Interview

  1. Kristin says:

    Kagan has many books for high school math. My favorite is the geometry book. Check them out on their website.

    • anngorsuch says:

      I went to the Kagan website and was distracted by a great video on the 3 Biggest Mistakes Teachers make. Thanks for the reference! I will check out their geometry book.

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