Another Week Down

This week was very up and down, and to be honest I struggled with teaching Spanish the most. However, I will focus on my math classes. This week in Trigonometry we did a project where  5 groups of three were given a type of word problem/ math problem in the book and were asked to create a video lesson plan and teach the rest of the class through their video. Along with the video, we had the students create a mini-quiz, outline, and read the sections in the book each night for homework. The videos they made were alright, some of them had errors in the solutions on their mini quizzes, and it took an extra day than expected; however, the kids learned a lot in the process about their own topics. I was worried though that they wouldn’t learn the others. As a review for their test (Monday), I had them do a jigsaw (three groups of 5) and use the Mini Quiz questions each group did as a review packet so that each group could help the other learn their section. Some things I would change for next time: make sure each group has a difficult topic, tell them they will have to work outside of class because they will not get an extra day, look over the mini quiz packet before copying it. I’m pretty sure you’re going to ask how I assessed the project, so here it is: I took a group presentation grade on the video and individual grades were based on use of class time and a peer evaluation. There is also the chapter test that will reflect their understanding of the material. Enough about trig….

In geometry we had MAP testing this week- which was not so fun. It completely messed up the plan I had for this week and also put a big kink in the chapter. (see lessons for a revised schedule Since my teacher was proctoring the MAP tests I was left in the room with my Juniors and Seniors- wasn’t that fun. On the first day I tried to be “nice” and give them a work day to do their homework due Friday. Did they do it? No. I should have structured the work day better, but they were not having it. The second day we went over general math quiz problems (multiplying, adding, subtracting, dividing with decimals, fractions, percents, etc). That went really poorly. I just tried to do some problems on the board and have them use white boards. After that failure of a class where people looked either bored out of their minds or lost, I realized stand up and lecture is not my style of teaching. It even bores me. However, the alternative can be exhausting to plan! (Although worthwhile).  Lastly, I had to send two of my students to Integrated Algebra Geometry because they had failed algebra last semester- but I also gained two new students.

Things I learned this week:

-I need to keep using bell work and exit slips consistently! (This really helps me with knowing where my class is at).

-It’s important to know rules about absences (like making up tests) and how detentions work. (I had to give a detention -to be served with me- for a student who refused to read during SSR) – Also, I may have caused a riff between my Cooperating teacher and Department Chair on an issue of making up tests for golf students

-Kids value consistency.

-don’t stand and preach!

New ideas to try:

I think I might try and just make one large lesson plan file for all my lessons.

Slideshare- sounds like this is going to be a pretty cool alternative for power point.

Reflection APP on the computer (mentioned on the UKan alumni facebook page) to share my ipad screen on the projector.

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