Tiered Exit Slips

I thought this was a great way to set up differentiation. It seems like it would take a lot of work to have two different exit slips (wish we could have seen how they differ). It also appeared that the next day she had the kids in groups- are they all doing different activities to then work on the skills? This seems like a great way to personalize each student’s education; I just wish we could have seen more of the logistics from the video.

Tiered Exit Slips from The Teaching Channel (click on the link to see the video)

Additional thought: Maybe what I’ll do is give either a common exit slip or different exit slips, and then have them grouped by how they did for the bell work the next day. That way those who get it can extend their concept/ review the next day and those who don’t can have the opportunity to relearn with others at the same level. This way, bell work won’t bore those who get it to death, but also won’t discourage those who didn’t understand the day before and hopefully pull them on board. I’ll try this in my Trig class. Maybe Geometry too…

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2 Responses to Tiered Exit Slips

  1. I like to use my exit slips to group students who are struggling with those who have mastered the topic. I type up their partners/groups on the SMARTboard and then start class with a small activity/reteach bell ringer.

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