My goals for student teaching

1) Help students see the beauty in mathematics. 

2) Teach students to justify (explain why) and challenge (ask why) their thinking

3) Instill in them self-confidence, resourcefulness, and perseverance 

4) Set only feasible standards for myself. 

5) Form positive relationships with my cooperating teachers and other staff.

6) Blog consistently! 


Anything I should add? 

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6 Responses to My goals for student teaching

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  2. Pingback: Is your Google Reader feeling empty? [Math Blogger Initiation Week 1] « Bowman in Arabia

  3. Tina C says:

    I really like 4) Set only feasible standards for myself. What a great way to set goals without overwhelming yourself!

  4. Nope, no more. Those are great! Make sure you do number 6 – I am certainly curious about someone’s reflections during the trials and tribulations and triumphs of student teaching. Good luck!!

  5. Great goals! Maybe make them specific like “blog once a week” or “go to sleep by 10:00 so I’m not overworked and the workday is feasible” (sorry, that one is awkwardly worded).

  6. And just found this on

    “If an issue is contentious, always talk it over in person rather than discussing it over emails. Emails escalate situations unnecessarily quickly.
    Within 60 seconds of talking to someone, find something that you can (genuinely) praise them for; this will help them to open up to what you have to say.
    If you do some casual “pre-talking” to people about their opinions before group meetings, you can help them to trim their thoughts down to key points, and therefore save time during the actual meeting / prevent drawn-out discussions. Most of the time people just want their detailed thoughts to be heard, but it does not have to be by the whole group.
    In the middle of mediating a conflict, giving someone recognition for something that they do well will help to immediately cool the situation.
    Ultimately, if you have to make a decision that is unpopular, you should explain the reasoning behind it and model your conviction in action.
    Early planning and specific, timely communication will both help to avoid avoidable conflicts.
    My personal relationship with IT, admin, facilities, etc. will have a bearing on my department’s relationship with them!! “

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