Hello All,

Does life ever slow down? I confess it’s been awhile since I’ve written- but I’ve still been researching and learning new things! For example, I’ve linked (or attempted to link) my TUMBLR blog (see tumblr page) into this wordpress. I’ve struggled lately with figuring out the best way to keep track of and share all the articles, ideas, and discoveries I’ve found. There are so many platforms out there it’s hard to choose. To help make this post somewhat informative, here’s what I decided works for me:

Finding resources/ news/ articles : ZITE (in my opinion the best electronic magazine- it allows you to customize the topics you want the reader to find for you as well as integrates articles from your twitter, google reader, delicious, and pocket feeds)

Saving resources/ news/ articles: This gets tricky. Although it’s a little more work than other platforms, I am going to put in the effort to post these on Tumblr so that others can see the articles I am viewing. I used to use Pocket and Delicious almost exclusively, but delicious has decided to do away with stacks (which allowed you to organize links in stacks, aka folders) which I thought was the best aspect of Delicious. Pocket is still somewhat useful in that it allows me to save and read articles offline later, but since it lacks the organizational features and does not let others see the articles I’m compiling, I don’t think I will use it as much anymore.

Sharing resources/ news/ articles: For now I’m going to stick with using WordPress, TUMBLR, Delicious (until it becomes stack-less), and good ole word of mouth.

I’m going to keep this post short and end with a promise (although I’ll probably regret it later): I promise to post at lease once a week from now on.


Preview of topics shortly to come:

My summer experience summary

Use of Ipads: Pros/Cons

Common Core, and more!

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