Get to know you activity idea

Get to know you activity

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2 Responses to Get to know you activity idea

  1. Andrew says:

    I gave this puzzle to a group of friends a few years ago, and it’s really incredible to watch them work on it. I love how this worksheet lists the goal as “to demonstrate that we often limit our perspective and choices”, because as soon as you see it’s possible to go outside of the grid, it’s almost immediate that you see more choices of solution! And “out of the grid” isn’t the only out-of-the-box approach here: you can take advantage of the dots’ width to use just three lines, you can wrap the paper into a cylinder to get one line, or (my personal favorite) you can fold the paper in thirds twice to get all the dots on top of each other — depending on the exact wording of the problem, that might be a solution with 0 lines!

  2. I use this puzzle as a warm up somewhere in the middle of an algebra 1 curriculum, usually on a day when I want them to think creatively. It’s a good one for encouraging them to, literally, “think outside the box”

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