Semester Projects and I need HELP!

Semester Projects — Notre Dame OpenCourseWare.

Okay so I just wrote up this entire blog and then backspaced through the pages and deleted it all. Just my luck. But as I was searching for inspiration for a project I stumbled across this website. It has a lot of great ideas for projects that integrate math and the real world (although they will probably need to be adapted for a high school classroom). Check it out and let me know what you think (imaginary people who read my blog).

In the deleted post I also rambled on about the problems I’m having with developing a project-based unit for a calculus class. I want to have the students use optimization concepts to develop or analyze products (for example build a community building, or  distribute water bottles/ blankets/ coats, etc) that would help the community. The end goal of the would be the students pitch the idea to businesses and the winning group would receive funding and see their idea carried out. However, I’m getting caught up with the details and visualizing how everything would work out. (The concept was inspired by TED Prizes  – so maybe that gives you a better idea of what I’m aiming for).

I’ll write more on this soon, but if you have any thoughts, ideas, or helpful websites please share.

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