Did You Know 3.0 – Shift Happens (Official Video HD) – YouTube

Did You Know 3.0 – Shift Happens (Official Video HD) – YouTube.

After seeing this, I felt a deep sensation of being left behind. Panic almost, everything is changing so fast and it doesn’t seem like the US is as much of a leader in this change anymore. I found myself asking questions like: What does this mean for education? What would students think after seeing this? I feel like students already think that what they learn in high school is useless, but this video makes it seem even more so. It’s apparent we need to change the education system, but how? How can we prepare students for jobs that haven’t been created? To do solve problems that are now figments of the imagination?

I think in part we need to change our focus from learning content to learning skills in the mathematics classroom. We need to teach resourcefulness and perseverance. Technology should not be a novelty, but a tool- just like a calculator in the classroom. Diana Laufenberg in her TED talk: How to Learn? From mistakes, made the observation that students have so much more access to knowledge nowadays. This is causing a major change in teacher’s roles. We are no longer the only source of information, in fact, I think students would probably believe the internet over us without evidence in most cases.

I think the people need to stop talking about and being surprised by the fact that reality has changed. Our students have changed. Everything is constantly changing. I’m not here to criticize teacher preparation, but I know I feel unqualified to keep up in a world that’s changing so fast- it seems like an impossible job. I don’t know if there’s a way to better prepare teachers, but I think we need to really examine the reality of the situation and you know maybe check out what other countries are doing. Conrad Wolfram has some great commentary on this issue as well (I posted that video as well).

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One Response to Did You Know 3.0 – Shift Happens (Official Video HD) – YouTube

  1. Steve Gorsuch says:

    Very interseting. Technology zoomed by me and I doubt i will ever catch up!!! A chink in my armor!! ha

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